Por tercera vez visitamos Laguna Copín en una salida ROC

El domingo pasado estuvimos nuevamente en Laguna Copín, en una salida ROC en la que caminamos harto y observamos una buena cantidad de aves de cordillera, así como patos, taguas e incluso algunos Pitotoy en la laguna que se encuentra a casi 2.500 msnm.

John Brown, pajarero australiano que vive en Chile, nos cuenta su experiencia en esta salida, su segunda vez con la ROC.

“I have been on two Salidas de ROC and loved both of them! It sounds strange but what I really like is that they are really interested in birds! They are not just interested in ticking birds off lists and then look for the next one. Rather, they talk about the birds they see, even common ones. And not just the first time they seem them on the trip, but throughout the trip! I have heard talk about migration patterns, habits, habitat, aging and sexing. I’ve seen people imitating their typical movements, imitating their sounds, discussing why unusual birds may appear in a given area, and why certain birds are hard to find. Bird watching is a collaborative effort rather than a competition, with plenty of time for photography, discussion, questions, and reflection, as well as appreciating the scenery, flowers, butterflies, lizards and whatever else captures people’s attention. The people are always friendly and helpful, speaking English when they can and helping me with my broken Spanish when they can’t! The walking pace was always very easy, although the Chilean terrain has been hilly on both of the trips that I have attended. I have taken advantage each time of sharing transport, which has been of great benefit as I don’t have a car! The trips are a great way of seeing birds, learning about birds, learning about bird watching, and of course ticking new birds off your list!”

Como siempre, subimos los listados de todos nuestros registros de aves a eBird:


¡Los esperamos en una próxima salida ROC!